Monday, September 17, 2012

5k: 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider "Custom Paint" Riddler!

What if you didn't have $15k sitting around to pickup yesterday's '66 Alfa 2600 Spider or a garage to store it or another $40k to restore it into tip-top shape...well, thanks to a combination of the 1980s and extremely bad taste - there are a few options for the Alfisti who shops from the dollar menu.  This 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider with custom paint is for sale in St. Louis MO from the guys at MotoExotica via ebay and currently bidding at $1,009 with 6 days to go, reserve not met.

Wow...where do we begin...the Alfa Romeo Spider was on its last legs when its 3rd generation was launched in 1982.  Nicknamed the duck tail because it its 'aerodynamic' designed rear end - it was, to put it frankly, an ugly duckling...and the previous owners of this car did it no favors by turning it into less of a swan and more of a crow. 

Flat black hood, shelby style fog lights and checkerboard fenders can't hide the fact that this car has only 115 horsepower from its delicate 2.0 liter inline 4 cylinder engine.  It was no surprise that Alfa Romeo had to flee the American market a few years later with its tail between its legs when the Mazda MX5 came to town and showed the Italians and Brits what it was that they used to do...make a fabulous drivers car.

The interior of this car isn't in horrible shape - but does have some cracks on the dash, and the seats are covered in something like looks like an ill-fitting sweatshirt - not sure if that is stock or aftermarket.

The only reason we put this car on the Daily Turismo is because of its current bidding price -- at $1k it would make a decent parts car for someone restoring an older Alfa, and you could probably get some coin for the ridiculously oversized wheels.

See another black and red widow for sale?  Please don't email us.  We aren't even going to post the link. 


  1. I just cried a little inside. It may not have been the best Alfa out there, but it didn't deserve this sort of treatment!


    2. Send some photos and a quick note to
      We will write a followup story!

  2. ~ where to begin, indeed! MotoeXotica is a well-justified side trip if anywhere close by. the proprietor, Scott Brandt, is high among the best informed & most engaging people i've met in 50+ year love of cars. i would not call this example typical of his inventory or his taste. so at least visit their site;
    . having said that, i'm scratching my scalp on this one. it's worth putting paint and interior coverings on if mechanically reliable and relatively rust-free. i'm curious to know if bidding will surpass parts car money, i believe it ought to.


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