Sunday, September 30, 2012

5k: 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota Pickup

Carroll Shelby was the legend in his own time and put his name on all kinds of random vehicles, but none quite so strange as the Dodge Shelby Dakota pickup.  It was the ornery Texan's first rear-wheel drive car in a number of years since he joined Chrysler and put his name on a bunch of front-wheel-drive hatchbacks.  This 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota pickup is for sale in Avon, New York, currently bidding on ebay at $3050 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Junkyard: 200 Cars in BC, Canada headed to the crusher

Its not often that we feature more than one car - but today we've got an entire collection of rotting cars for sale.  We got wind of 200 cars headed to the crusher (later this year or spring 2013) via the forums and contacted the seller at BTS Automotive and they directed us to their facebook page that has a number of photos of the soon to be crushed cars located in British Columbia, Canada.

DT COW: Commenter of the Week

Another week gone down the drain- the staff at DT spent our time surfing the web for old cars, learning new swear words on urbandictionary, and causing mayhem in electric karts around the track at K1-speed (electric karts remove the inequalities associated with speed governors & clutch setup on arrive-and-drive gas karts and replace those with equally frustrating battery charge and depletion issues...but at least it doesn't stink so much).  Anyway - it is time to pick the Commenter of the Week (COW!)!!

This commenter won our hearts with the following comment: "I was told once "never buy an X1/9 with rust in the windshield surround." Don't remember why exactly, but I've heeded the advice so far."

Click thru the jump to see the winner:

10k: 1979 Mustang Fox w/ Coyote V8

Hey didn't the Daily Turismo just post a flat black Ford product with engine swap...yes, but the last one was not particularly fast, so we'd like to make ammends with a real coyote in fox clothing, literally.  This 1979 'Fox-body' Mustang has a Coyote V8 engine transplant and is for sale in Morton, IL - currently bidding on ebay for $9250 with a buy-it-now of $12,500.

Friday, September 28, 2012

5k: 1962 Mercury Comet with 2.3 Liter Pinto Engine

Here at the Daily Turismo you've probably noticed that we are big fans of cheap, cool-looking and reliable transportation.  However, these typically don't come together in a nice package because old cars tend to have complicated carburetors that can only be tuned by warlocks, and modern cars look like crap.  Sometimes however, some cars show up with reliable fuel injected engines put into vintage steel.  This 1962 Mercury Comet 2-door sports a 2.3 liter Ford fuel injected engine and 5-speed manual transmission. It's for sale on ebay currently bidding at $500 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go and a buy-it-now of $4500, in East Falmouth, MA.

10k: 1956 VW Beetle Wagon: The People's Woody

Apparently we here at DT like to feature unusual versions of one of the most utterly common vehicles of all time. We haven't yet featured a standard Volkswagen Beetle, but we did make jokes at the expense of an electric Karmann-Ghia project, an open-air Type 2 Bus with Pinto power, a Thing, and a Beetle/Fiero/trike monstrosity. Not ones to muddle with a good thing, we'd like to continue this parade of oddball rear-engined Germans with a So-Cal surfer style custom "woody" wagon that we are inexplicably drawn to. Perhaps it's because this is the cheapest classic woody we're ever likely to find? Check out this 1956 VW Beetle woody wagon in San Diego, CA here on The Samba classifieds for $12,500 "or trade for Porsche Speedster kit car."

10k: 1967 Mercedes-Benz O309 Bus RV

Its not often that you find a car that is cool, cheap, vintage and zombie proof, not to mention highly useful!  But this 1967 Mercedes Bus O309 fits the bill and is for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $8500 via craigslist.  The O309 (O stands for Omnibus!) was the Bus version of the Mercedes Düsseldorfer L406D van and this one was converted to an RV by a thoughtful previous owner.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

10k: 1974 BMW 2002Tii

We've featured the BMW 2002 in the past on the Daily Turismo because we like the rear wheel drive, manual transmissions and simple mechanical components of these lightweight two-door sedans.  The previous one was a 'restomod' (restored and modified), but this time we found one a bit closer to stock but with a few key upgrades.  This 1974 BMW 2002Tii is offered for sale in Richmond, VA via the website for $11,900 obo.

5k: 1958 BMW Isetta; Some Assy Required

The Isetta was originally designed and built by Italian refrigerator manufacturer Iso.  Shaped like a small ice-box, the Isetta's diminutive size and stratospheric fuel economy numbers made it an ideal city car and it was manufactured by various entities from 1953-1962.  This 1958 BMW Isetta has seen some customization and needs additional work but is for bidding at $3500 on ebay reserve-not-met, located in El Cajon, CA.

5k: 1990 Volvo 240 Diesel Wagon 5-spd aus Deutschland!

Late-model 240 wagons are not rare cars by any stretch - that is, in their standard US trim with the 2.3L gasoline engine. However, a 240 wagon from 1990 with a diesel...from that is rare! Even rarer when paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, wearing Nordic Racing Blue vinyl side stripes, and transported to the US. The God of Thunder would be proud - but maybe today we should call him the god of "clack-clack-clack" instead? Check out this 1990 240 Diesel Wagon for sale for $3700 asking price, in Anaheim, CA (via craigslist).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5k: 1995 Toyota Celica ProAm LBGP Racer

The Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach has routinely held a Pro/Celebrity race in Toyota street cars since 1976.  The race has always had lots of carnage and is typically more fun to watch than the Indy/IRL/ChampCar parade of high-powered wing-equipped spec-chassis 'race-cars' held later in the day.  This 1995 Toyota Celica race car dates from the 1995 ProAm race and is for sale in Ramona, CA for $4k buy-it-now on ebay.

DT How to Buy a Used Car: Step 1a. Value Matrix

Narrowing Down Your List of Potential Next Cars

We assume our readers are car nuts like us, and if that is the case then we know it can be difficult to decide which type of car you should choose for your next daily turismo. Automotive ADD is a spectacular thing and lets you appreciate many different makes, models, body styles, vintages, ad infinitum. But when it's time to narrow down your list of potential vehicles and start focusing on one or two models, it can be a tough proposition for some.

However, we have found a nerdy but effective way to parse out the lame ducks and bring the winners to the top of the list: a scored selection spreadsheet that we call the "DT Value Matrix." This might sound intimidating but is really just a way to assign numerical scores to the attributes that are important to you in your next car.

DT How to Buy a Used Car: Step 1. Research

Know why you want what you want.

This feature will focus on the pre-search research that everyone should do before starting the used car hunt, including understanding what options, availability, and specs are for the car you want. We will point you to the best websites and best people to call for guidance (yes - there are people who will pick up the phone and explain to you why you shouldn't buy a particular SAAB...or any SAAB for that matter...).

5k: 1992 Passat G60 Syncro (AWD)

The B3 generation Volkswagen Passat was essentially a larger version of the VW Golf - sharing the pluses (cost, ease of repairs) and minuses (quality, frequency of repairs).  Production started in 1988 and continued in some fashion until very recently for the taxi cab market in China.  This 1992 Passat is equipped with the G60 engine and has all wheel drive (VW Syncro!) and is now for sale in Melrose Park, IL for $4,000 minimum bid, no reserve on ebay (thanks to tip from DT reader Andy L).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10k: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL - 36k miles

The Mercedes-Benz W126 was built from 1979-1992 as the range topping sedan (today it is called the S-Class) and was a particularly well built and comfortable car.  Today this 1987 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL with 36k original owner miles is for sale on ebay for a by it now price of $9,995 in Omaha, NE.

5k: 1983 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - Minty Clean

Last week we ran a feature on a clean (but slushbox equipped) 2004 Mustang Mach 1 with 42k miles. This week we thought we'd look at the other end of the Fox body Mustang spectrum in terms of age and price to get a sense of the current market. Just to illustrate the disparity - that '04 Mach 1 had done an average of 5,250 miles per year and was being sold for $18,800. Our new featured Fox was based on the same basic architecture and formula, has only covered an average of 2,865 miles per year for the past 20 years, and is 80% cheaper to boot. Check out this 1983 Ford Mustang GT hatchback for sale, complete with 5.0L V8 and T5 5-speed manual trans, listed on ebay in Santa Ana, CA for $3600, and tell us it isn't a Daily Turismo performance bargain!

15k: 1982 Porsche 911 SC; Track Rat

Perhaps it was something to do with watching vintage racers tear around a track for a few days - but we were in the mood for a track rat and found a good one.  This 1982 Porsche 911 SC has been converted into a track car and is currently for sale in Dublin, OH for $16,000 buy-it-now on ebay.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Coronado Speed Festival Highlights

Fleet Week is San Diego's annual celebration of cool military toys and includes a unique historic race on the old Coronado Naval Air Base runway.  Like most everything in San Diego - the Speed Festival is a laid-back affair and seems more like a local car show than a big time race- but lots of cool cars show up and the racing is fun to watch.  Vintage racing is often times compared more to a parade than a real race due to the extremely high cost of wrecking one of these classics and the often questionable capabilities of the affluent guys behind the wheel - this can be forgiven the moment you hear, see and smell them on track.

DT RoadKill/Seller Sub: 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite w/V8

As we mentioned the other day, DT was able to attend the Coronado Speed Festival (we will do a full writeup with pics after we recover from sunburn and photoshop the lens dirt out of our images) and we found a bit of RoadKill that turned into a Seller Submission.  This DT exclusive 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite has a Rover 3.5 liter V8 swap, a ton of suspension work, fantastic body and is for sale in San Diego, CA for $24,995 asking...yes, a bit above DT's normal budget limit- but the seller was a nice guy and said he was willing to take offers (see image below for contact details).

10k: 1972 Datsun 510 Wagon - Green Machine

The Datsun 510 is a classic of the compact, lightweight RWD Japanese car formula. Their boxy good looks have stood the test of time better than most other Datsuns from the same time period, and if you like the 510 sedan's style, the wagon will help you think even more inside the box. Heck, with this thing you could even fold the rear seats flat and sleep inside the box! We found this claimed original paint / matching numbers 1972 Datsun 510 wagon on craigslist in the San Gabriel Valley (east of Los Angeles) for $8000.