Monday, August 27, 2012

15k: 1976 BMW 2002 Restomod

We've featured a non-stock BMW 2002 in the past - but that one was a hacked up El Camino look-a-like Baur Targa -this time we found one much more pleasing to the eye.  This 1976 BMW 2002 Restomod was originally a big bumpered 2002 - but has now been modified to resemble the Europe-only 2002 Turbo, for sale in Sherman Oaks, CA for $12500.  Thanks to tip from DT reader Oscar!

The BMW 'Neue Klasse' was first produced in 1962 and ended production in 1976 when it was replaced with the e21 3-series.  The cars we named and badged with numbers indicating the engine displacement in cubic centimeters - such as the 1500, 1600, 1800 and 2000 - but the 2002 received a unique suffix identifier to show that it was a 2-door car.  This predated BMWs currently practice of whoring out its numerical naming system to the whims of a marketing department - such that in the past 10 years BMW has had 3.0 liter equipped vehicles with suffix -28, -30, -35 and -40.

This 2002 is powered by its original 2.0 liter SOHC inline 4 M05 engine that puts out 108 horsepower.  The power is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission and limited slip differential in the back- and should be enough to have fun in the 2000 lb coupe.  This car also has headers and a single weber carb - so it should be good for a few more ponies.

Inside this 2002 has received stock Recaro seats from a e21 320i coupe, an aftermarket Momo steering wheel and shifter knob.  It also has a few aftermarket gauges mounted in the center console, the carpets are new and the door cars look to be in good shape.

Outside this 2002 has received a full turbo look transformation - complete with turbo wheels, fender flares, rear bumper lip wing and front bumper/air dam.  It looks the part of the turbo even though they were only sold in white or silver from BMW.  Personally we'd remove the ///M badge, but not replace it with a turbo badge - unless we turbocharged the car...which would be easier in California if this car was pre -1975 and smog test exempt.  As is - it probably needs to stay stock to keep it easy to smog, unless the new owner lives in a state with smog laws based on logic and reason.

We refer to this car as a restomod  - a combination of restored and modified , because this car has a bit of both.  BMW 2002s are still relatively cheap to obtain and maintain - but don't count on them being cheap runners for long, snap one up before they start getting sold at Barrett-Hackson auctions.

See another restomod for sale?  send us a tip here:


  1. This is super cool. It's being sold by the same guy who I bought my/your 1800es from. He finds some very interesting cars that are in good DT shape and for DT money. If I had more garage space his number would be at the top of my Favorites list...instead of third where it is now.

  2. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't like the bumper-less look on the 2002's. Admittedly, the US crash bumpers are huge. Maybe a Euro bumper for the front?

  3. If it ain't a Tii, ain't worth spit

  4. That car is a bit pricey. My restomod '73 Tii was purchased for half that in the same condition or better. CA: "flytii"

    I'm also not a fan of the bolt on fenders

  5. Well pricey or not it does say he will consider best offer.Ive plenty of needy ones for 7-8k.So with all the upgrades,new paint ,new interior etc I I would take it for 10k.I dont have the funds for it thats another thing,but if I would id get it.


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