Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5k Vintage: 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7

I bet you thought the 5k catagory would be filled with MR2s, Miatas and E30s...well it will be, but this patina-ed '67 Cougar XR7 found via craigslist and located in Hollywood, CA beat them out with sheer coolness.  At $4499 asking this car will need some maintenance and possibly a few parts to get it to daily driver status - but don't touch that paint if you want it to match your horn rimmed glasses and hipster style hat!

A '67 Cougar shares a platform with mid '60s Mustangs and Falcons and therefore cheap replacement parts are available for just about every moving part on the car -available online or via catalog.  And I always thought that anything named "west coast classic cougars" would surely involve Elizabeth Taylor.

This Cougar comes with a fantastic old (original perhaps?) burgundy single stage paint job, wire wheel covers and white-trimmed economy tires.  It also has cool hideaway headlights and factory sequenced turn indicators in the tail lights.

The interior looks mostly original and a little torn up -and the wood grain dash would use a good sand/re-stain and finish (can I treat the interior of a car like a table...SURE!).  The three speed manual is probably good enough for daily driving, but its an easy swap for a toploader 4-spd or a BorgWarner T-5. This looks to have the 'convenience group' (4 lights on the dash) and factory tach.

The 289 cubic inch V8 under the hood looks a bit dirty, probably tired and maybe makes 100 hp to the pavement, but that should be more than enough to overpower the 70 series tires in the back...  I do spy a AC compressor which with a trip to Mexico could be filled with R12 and pump cooling air inside the cabin to match the coolness of the entire ride.

This car gets two dailyturismo badges:  Vintage & Rare

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1 comment:

  1. NOW there is a car that's time has passed.
    A friend had one where I changed the brake shoes, and from what I found out later, the seemingly IDENTICAL brake shoes were mounted wrong and ruined the I-don't-know-what.
    If it looks identical and is identical how could it be mounted wrong. Fantastic Ford design, I am convinced !


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