Thursday, July 19, 2012

5k Vintage: 1965 Ford Falcon 2dr Wagon

The dailyturismo really loves wagons.  Its like a pickup truck for people with normal sized glands. What is better than a standard run-of-the-mill 4 door wagon is a 2 door wagon.  This 1965 Ford Falcon 2door wagon can be found in Ranch Cucamonga, CA via craigslist at an asking price of $5500.

The Ford Faclon shares a 'platform' with Mustangs & Cougars but is the only one to have a wagon variety (unless you own a really nice welder and have fantastic fabrication skills).  Falcons came in 2/4 door wagon varieties - but the cool one to get is definitely the 2 door.
This one currently has an original inline 6 engine with 170 cubic inches of displacement pushing out 101 gross horsepower.  It could also have a smaller 144 cubic inch inline 6 'thriftpower' making 85 horsepower.  Either way, the 'new' front springs need to be properly compressed with the addition of a 302 cubic inch V8 - conveniently included with the sale!  I bet new engine and trans could be loaded into the back and a buyer could take everything home easily.
California black plates indicate that the car has been in California for its entire life or the owner purchased a set via the DMV YOM program. 

This car is just an engine swap and a paint job away from being a good dailyturismo...but is $5500 too much to ask for a project?

Got a better Falcon Wagon?  Pics of your cute cousin?  Email us here:

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