Sunday, July 22, 2012

5k: 82 Jaguar XJS w/V8

Welcome to cheapskate swapped V8 sunday at dailyturismo.  Our first offering is a 1982 Jaguar XJS located in Chippewa, Wisconsoda...(ok, I made that last part up, but does it really matter where it is - lets just say the great northern state of Dakoconsodaho) for a bargain price of $2300 via craigslist.

Originally this car would have come with some kind of ill-tempered, rough starting, expensive to fix british V12 - but now it is equipped with a 'merican' Ford 351 V8 and AOD slushbox transmission.
 Scant details exist in the ad regarding the engine era and configuration, but the seller does mention its had some new bearings recently and it seems to have some kind of industrial HVAC filter for an air filter - always a plus to see non-automotive parts involved in any engine swap!  Plumbers tape makes great engine mounts!

Inside the jag looks to be in good shape and a hansom 'camel' colored interior - complete with the original apple-on-toothpick Jaguar shifter.
Overall not a bad looking car for $2300 and likely worth the cost of the swap alone.

Is it a cruiser or a crusher?

See another Jagmero for sale?  email us here:

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  1. Hey at least it's on the road from what I can tell, better than MOST of this model (including 3 in my yard) hoping for 99cent/gallon gas and free Jaguar service included.....or else serve as planter box or weights to keep rotten wood fences from blowing over.


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