Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5k: 1988 BMW 535is

BMW introduced its E28 generation 5-series in 1982 with a lineup of inline 6 engines, including a turbocharged diesel, a number of gasoline engines and a hopped up M-version.  This 1988 BMW 535is is equipped with the highest power non-M engine available, a 5 speed manual transmission and offered for sale on ebay with a current bid price of $4050 (reserve not met) -- this car could go for somewhere between $5-7k depending on number of bidders -anything more would be a surprise.
 This E28 has been upgraded with a few cosmetic pieces such as the 'french' style yellow head lights, 17 inch BBS "basket weave" wheels and tinted windows.  It has been lowered and rides on Bilstein shocks in all 4 corners.  It is the "is" model that includes a factory air dam, rear spoiler and sport seats - all shared with the M5.  The car has 263k miles on it - but it looks to have held remarkably well together over the years and miles.

 This 535is is (is that redundant?) powered by the M30 'big six' single over head cam inline 6 cylinder putting out 182 horsepower and 225 ft-lbs of torque - all through a 5 speed manual transmission and into a limited slip differential in the rear.  The 535 won't win any drag races - but its got a great torque band and a sweet sounding exhaust note. 
 The interior on this car has been 'upgraded' with an M-technic steering wheel - which unfortunately is attached to the stock steering box (non rack and pinion) - which leaves much to be desired in the feedback arena.  The rest of the interior looks to be in good shape, and the power adjustable 'sport' seats look supportive and nice.

E28s are a great value these days - and this car looks the part of a great daily turismo.  Will the miles scare away potential big bucks or do the 'car show' pictures make the deal?

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  1. Another GREAT car nobody wants to pay money for.
    I was trying to sell a nice one, needing a little deferred maintenance for $1500 5 years ago, and an aficionado of these was trying to convince me, that if I spent another $1000 he'd buy it for $1800 or something like that. And he was the only one interested enough to contact me.

  2. Replies
    1. dude - it's a july 2012 ebay listing - must be one of the first cars ever posted here - jefe?

    2. Lol_ is so hot though I had to try!

    3. Lol_ is so hot though I had to try!

    4. stick around then - the E28 is a DT top 10 for sure - only a matter of weeks or days until another one pops up here


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