Tuesday, July 17, 2012

15k: 2001 Corvette Z06

You can't really get much more performance per dollar than a C5 Z06 like this 2001 located in Calexico, CA (via ebay).  For $14500 (update 7/18 price reduced to $13850) cash you get a 385 hp rocketship with 6 spd transaxle and a salvaged title.  Before you start screaming "NO NO NO salvaged titles, they won't let me onto Amelia Island" - you can find Z06s with clean titles for $2-3k more, still within dailyturismo's window of "15k" but this car fits the bill for a good dailyturismo.

The Z06 was a $8k option on a C5 corvette 'fixed roof coupe' (approx $40k base price in 2001) and could get you to 60mph in just about 4 seconds.  The quarter mile is reached in the low 12 second range.

This Z06 comes with the factory V8, a 5.7liter LS6 with 385 hp and 405 ft-lbs of torque.  The engine puts its power down through a 6 speed transaxle (located in the rear to aid weight distribution) and into Z06 specific 18x10.5 inch wheels in the back. Did I mention that balsa wood is used into the frame and it uses ox-cart derived transverse leaf springs for suspension? 

Visually a Z06 is identified by a few "Z06" badges and huge brake cooling vents just in front of the rear wheels (and a few other little details).  In 2001 approximately 5700 guys took time off ordering sleeveless t-shirts on the internet and ordered the Z06 option package (probably to keep their mullets safe from wind that you would encounter in the convertible).

On a set of truck scales the C5 Z06 is a featherweight at 3115 lbs, thanks in part to a wicked looking titanium exhaust system with quad tips that replaces the heavier stock steel piece.

Is this car hot...or is it just Calexico's weather?

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