Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10k: 2000 Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 redefined the convertible rocket when it entered the market 12 years ago.  It still is a good looking car and the AP1 (first generation) cars come with a 9200 rpm engine speed limiter.  Mean piston speeds that reach a modern F1 engine specs and Honda reliability make these cars an easy choice for the sun seeker.  This silver model year 2000 example comes from Denver, CO and looks to be in good shape with 79k miles on the odometer and $11200 asking price.

The 2000 model year S2K had a plastic rear window that is known to fog up - and this one 'needs a new roof' - which could mean that the previous one was fogged to stained-glass levels of opacity, or it was caught in a cat5 hurricane with the roof partially up and it 'literally' needs a new roof.

The 2.0 liter inline 4 in the S2K is mounted rear of the front wheel centerline - leading to a 50:50 static weight distribution and a fantastic handling chassis.  The AP1 engine makes 240 hp and 153 ft-lbs of torque and puts it through a sweet shifting 6spd manual into a Torsen limited slip in the rear.  If that rear does 'slip' you will find yourself counter-steering with electrically assisted power steering and double wishbone independent suspension front and rear will treat you with cat-like reflexes.

The S2K interior is driver-centric, and the plastics seem to age well (you can find examples with over 200k miles that still look great inside!).

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