Monday, July 22, 2019

Manual Swap: 2005 Lexus IS300 SportCross

This next car comes from tipper John who writes: Just stumbled across this, which seems spot on for DT. Maybe these manual swaps are common, but I haven't seen one before even though everyone says they wish Lexus had put a manual in the Sportcross. Find this 2005 Lexus IS300 SportCross offered for $10500 in Brea, CA via craigslist.

My S4 is UrS4: 1993 Audi S4

The C4 generation Audi S4 was the first car to wear the S4 badge and as such is commonly called the Ur-S4, Ur being short for Urspr√ľnglich or original in German.  Audi was nipping at the heels of BMW and Mercedes in the sport/luxury sedan segment, and when introduced in 1991 the S4 added a well needed dose of fun to Audi's lineup of luxury sedans.  The big part of Audi's recipe for creating an ///M & AMG competitor was the addition of a turbocharged engine to the quattro equipped sedan.  Turbo Audis had been around before, but the 2.2 liter inline-5 in the S4 was boosted to 230 horsepower and 258 ft-lbs of torque.  Performance was great for the day with 0-60 in about 6 seconds and a top speed governed at 130 mph.  Today we've got an example that isn't some low mile over-priced trailer queen -- and looks to be a great way to spend less than $5k and have a good time. Find this 1993 Audi S4 offered for $4000 in Fort Collins, CO via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Keep 'Em Running: 1992 Honda Accord EX

Our discussion the other day about craigslist, Hemmings, and BaT brought out some interesting observations on the "collector" car market and it seemed a consensus here on DT people want cheap but interesting cars that can be driven...not stupidly overpriced show queens that are only valueable if the odometer reading is kept low.  (Did you all see that '97 Toyota Supra Turbo with 69k miles that sold for $176,000 at Barrett-Jackson...why??!?! It's not even stock!!  Uggg...people are stupid.  You could have a C3 Corvette, a different MkIV Supra, and a house in Cincinnati for that much!!!).  Anyway, if you want a sub $5k car that'll keep you entertained for a few months, I think this next car is a good candidate. Find this 1992 Honda Accord EX offered for $3200 in Fairfield, OH via craigslist. Tip from Darren.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Please Be Real: 1995 Toyota T-100 DX ExtraCab

This next car comes from tipper Jeff who writes: Please be real...I'll send a personal check to <insert third-world country here> for this one.  Amen brother, this thing is a real testament to the power of desire on craigslist but the asking price sets off alarm bells that'll raise the little hairs on the back of your neck. Find this 1995 Toyota T-100 offered for $3000 near Washington, D.C. via craigslist.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

1977 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weiner,
that is what I'd truly like to be,
'cause if I were an Oscar Mayer weiner,
everyone would be in love with me.
Find this 1977 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile offered for $8,500 in Little Rock, AR via craigslist.  Tip from Hugh.

Thoughts on the Car Marketplace

Okay folks, time to get philosophical over here and talk about some of the changes happening to the collector/classic/junk car market right now.  Two big things -- the first is that craiglist is introducing a nominal $5 fee to post cars for sale and the second thing is that Hemmings is finally responding to and is introducing their own auction system. 

Seller Submission: 2001 Lexus IS300 Turbo

This next car is a seller submission from Mason who writes: Unfortunately it is time to sell my car. My wife got a job in another country to I'm trying to get rid of stuff as we prepare to move. I'm a daily lurker on your site and wondered if this was something that fits. Would love for the car to go to a fellow enthusiast.  Find this 2001 Lexus IS300 Turbo offered for $7,500 in Plymouth, MI via craigslist.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hot Rodded: 1985 Chevrolet Corvette

This next car comes from tipper Art C who writes: This looks like a hoot for shortish money. If the motor is a well built 383 with a real 500hp its worth a few grand on its own.  Plus, its got a six peed! Find this 1985 Chevrolet Corvette offered for $6497 near Leominster, MA via craigslist.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

5-Speed Uticorn: 2005 Subaru Baja Turbo

Are you a fan of the utility of El Camino style 4-door car-based pickup trucks?  What about 5-speed equipped, turbo, all-wheel-drive versions? Down under they call them utes, but up here in right-side-up world we call them uticorns because they are all but non-existent -- and if it wasn't for a little Japanese company called Subaru, we wouldn't have them at all.  Find this 2005 Subaru Baja Turbo offered for $9,500 in Pittsburgh, PA via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

Monday, July 15, 2019

BMW = Blue Manual Wagon: 2002 BMW 325ix Touring

The E46 generation BMW 3-series was not that much different from the previous generation (E36) but it did take the same basic formula and just up the goodness factor.  More power, more refined ride, and a better interior are only some of the benefits of the E46 generation, but one of the biggest changes was that BMW decided to export the wagon version into the US market.  Find this 2002 BMW 325ix Touring here on eBay offered for $3125 buy-it-now located in Seattle, WA. Tip from Rod S.