Wednesday, April 23, 2014

10k: Mopar Fastback: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda V8 318ci

The Plymouth Barracuda introduced the world to fastback shaped pony cars a full two weeks before Ford's Mustang was released in April 1964. It is a good thing that the Mustang outsold the Barracuda considerable because otherwise we'd be left the strange term fishcar for sporty compact 2+2 fastback/coupes with long hood styling and rear-wheel-drive.  That wouldn't do at all.  However, the Barracuda was a cool car and can be found for decent price, such as this 1965 Plymouth Barracuda offered for $8,499 or best offer via ebay, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Mid Week Match-Up: A Ride for the Professor

The Coffee Brake feature where we asked our readers to help match a car to a person's requirements was so successful that we've decided to make it a permanent feature and allow Coffee Brake to go back to being a random collection of EIC Vince's mad libs style ramblings.  Today, we are looking to help find a car for a person who we will just call Eddie, but he is a university professor who needs a weekend car.

10k: Shutter Speed: 2004 Saleen N2O Focus

Horsepower has its price. You pay for it even when you aren't using it, a conundrum that is central to developing technology like forced induction and cylinder deactivation. But what if there was a way to have extra horsepower by literally flipping a switch? That's right, N2O means exactly what you think it means. Better yet, it's all stock and extremely rare; this is #88 of 88 for the pre-facelifted Saleen Focuses. Find this 2004 Saleen N2O Focus for $10,500 in Chicago, IL. Words by DT contributor slowcarSLOW-MPGlol.

5k: Düsseldorf Transporter: 1987 Mercedes-Benz T2 711D

The Mercedes-Benz T2 platform is a family of light commercial vehicles built after the O309 Omnibus and before the Sprinter.   The T2 was manufactured as a box van, flatbed, or minibus and was powered by a variety of Mercedes infamously durable OM-series inline-4/inline-5 diesel engines.  The idea of sharing a powerplant between a luxury car and a commercial truck was as totally bonkers then as it is now (imagine a new Cadillac CTS sharing an engine with a GMC truck!).  Find this 1987 Mercedes Benz T2 711D offered for $5,900 CAD ($5,347 USD at time of printing) in Airdrie, AB, Canada via

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10k: Ummm...What Is It? 1989 UMM Alter II Phase II

The UMM Alter II is a Portuguese 4X4 vehicle built for agricultural, industrial and commercial uses.  It is as close as you can get to a PDM (Portuguese Domestic Market) Jeep and was built from 1986 to 1994 by União Metalo-Mecânica (UMM). UMM acquired the business to build this odd looking thing from a French firm called Cournil that started by repairing a batch of WWII US Army Jeeps left behind and eventually developed the slantnose beast you see today.  Find this 1989 UMM Alter II Phase II offered for $8,900 in St Johns, OR via craigslist.  Tip from Luke and FuelTruck.

High School Sweatheart 240Z Update: A Buyer Story

The long time owned 1972 Datsun 240Z featured a few days back was picked up by DT reader/commenter Ryan M who sent us a very nice and detailed follow up, which is published here in its entirety.  Thanks for the pic and update Ryan!

I started my Z hunt in December of 2013. Well, let me back up. I started my Z hunt in 1991. This was the year that I became aware of them through my uncle who had a few he used to race. Being a 10 year old on a limited budget was prohibitive to purchasing cars however, so I stuck with Hot Wheels and Matchbox until it became financially viable to go after the real thing.

15k: MicroWagon: 1967 Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica

 Autobianchi was an Italian automobile manufacturer created jointly by Bianchi Bicycles, Pirelli Tires and Fiat S.p.A.  The Bianchina was a Fiat 500 derived minicar that was built as a sedan, wagon, convertible and panel van from 1957 to 1970.  The Panoramica wagon version offers a surprising amount of interior space and comfort in a small package.  Find this 1967 Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica offered for $13,900 in LA Area, CA via craigslist.

Happy Birthday Vittorio Jano: 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT

 Vittorio Jano was born Viktor János on April 22nd, 1891 in the Northern Italy province of Piemonte to Hungarian immigrant parents.  Jano first worked at a truck company, later Fiat and then Alfa Romeo where he was chief engineer for the supercharged inline-8 that powered the Grand Prix winning Alfa Romeo P2.  Later he designed the Alfa Romeo P3 that was campaigned by Enzo Ferrari when he started Scuderia Ferrari. The relationship with il Commendatore continued well into Jano's career with Alfa and Lancia, and finally Jano designed the 60-degree V6 in the Ferrari Dino.  Jano's design eventually spawned a V8 version that was used in everything from the 308 GTB, F40 to the 360 Modena and finally retired in 2004.  So, for Vittorio's birthday we are going to pick the only logical successor to the original Dino V6 that can be found for a DT price...this 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT offered for $8,500 in Fremont, CA via craiglist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

5k: You Want Fries With That? 1962 DKW Junior de Luxe

You might expect something called the DKW Junior Deluxe to come from an establishment that uses a pedophile clown, slutty heiress or creepy wax statue monarch for a spokesman, but the Junior Deluxe was an automobile built from 1959 to 1965 by Auto Union AG.  It is also one of the most unconventional 60's cars you will ever find that will have Saab 96 owners scratching their heads in confusion.  Find this 1962 DKW Junior de Luxe currently bidding for $9,500 with less than one day to go (zero bids), located in Spain.

Monday, April 21, 2014

5k: ThunderPinto: 1979 Ford Pinto 2.3 Turbo

The Ford Pinto was the one of the original recipients of Ford's infamous OHC inline-4 cylinder "EAO" engine, but it was a carburetor fed and grossly underrated engine.  Later variants added more displacement, turbocharger, fuel injection and upped the fun factor considerably, so it only makes sense that someone would put a later and higher powered 2.3 into a Pinto.  Find this 1979 Ford Pinto 2.3 Turbo currently bidding for $3,000 on ebay in Joplin, MO with 4 days to go.  Tip from Andy L.

What Am I? Storage Wars Edition

Welcome to another edition of DT's latest cure for the Monday morning blues -- What Am I?  In this fun for kids game we find a random picture of a car from a interweb advertisement and you get to guess what kind of car it came from.  This next picture is blurry, improperly exposed and cropped in a such a manner that only the most knowledgeable savants will be able to figure out what part of the car you are looking at, much less what it came from. Update with answer below.

5k: Type Too Cheap: 1971 Volkswagen Kombi Type 2

You've heard us complain about the skyrocketing prices of all manner of Volkswagen Type 2 versions about as often as we rave about El Caminoing the isn't for lack of liking the venerable Vanagon.  Quite the opposite, if one can be found for a reasonable price they offer a great amount of usability, frugality and cool in a bread loaf shaped package.  Find this 1971 Volkswagen Bus Type 2 (T2) offered for $5,700 in Sammash, WA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

15k: Steyr-Daimler-Puch: 1975 Pinzgauer 710K 4X4

The Pinzgauer High Mobility All Terrain Vehicle is a family of 4X4 military vehicles built from 1971 to 2000 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG in Graz, Austria.  Named after an Austrian breed of horse, the Pinzgaur was the result of military light troop transport needs but makes a surprisingly good 4X4 apocalypse prep, weekend fun or daily driver for the criminally insane.  Find this 1975 Pinzgauer 710K 4x4 currently bidding on ebay for $12,100 with 5 days to go, located in Dumont, CO.

5k: Another Porvette: 1987 Porsche 928 with Chevy 4.8 Vortec V8

The last time we featured a Porsche 928 with LS1 V8 we put a little poll in the bottom of the feature asking our readers if they prefer stock to modified for the 928. By a margin of 6 to 4 the verdict was in favor of LS1 in all things.  Frankly I find myself conflicted as to the goodness of the GM powered Porsche...but given the options that the current seller of this car faced after his engine grenaded and rats ate his wiring, you have to sympathize with his decision.  Find this 1987 Porsche 928 with Chevy 4.8 Vortec V8 for sale in Stillwater, OK currently bidding for $3,050 with one day to go.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from the Daily Turismo

Today is Easter and in celebration we are giving our ragtag collection of contributors, editors and commenters the day off.  Please go spend some time with your family, reconnect with old friends or make some Easter egg cars.