Saturday, September 20, 2014

5k: Lift Yer Kilt: 1964 Sunbeam Hillman Imp

If the results of the Scottish independence referendum vote has you feeling sad and surprised that the descendants of folks who were willing to die for their independence aren't even willing to vote for it, well we've got something to cheer you up!  It is a perky little descendant of Scottish built Linwood Imp -- find this 1964 Sunbeam Hillman Imp currently bidding for $5,500 reserve-not-met on eBay with 6 days to go, located in New Bedford, MA.

5k: Blue Plated: 1976 BMW 2002

The BMW New Class (1600/1800/2000/2002) is a great way to get into the classic car hobby on a budget. They made a million of the little cars (actually 861k 2002s, 150k 1800s and another 150k 2000s), and they are fun to drive and easy to maintain.  Don't be fooled by greedy auction giants and hairy palmed flippers, the regular 2002s aren't rare enough to be worth real money and the big bumper versions will be cheap for years.  Find this 1976 BMW 2002 offered for $4,500 in Long Beach, CA via craigslist.

Friday, September 19, 2014

5k: Down But Not Out: 1977 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

1977 was a pivotal year for full sized Cadillac product offering.  Engine power from the fuel sucking V8s had been down since '73, but you could pick someone up in a one year old '76 Caddy and still kind of wow them with their overall hugeness. However the '77 was to Cadillac kind of what the Mustang II was to the Mustang.  Gone was the 500 cubic inch V8 and rear fender skirts, and in its place was a flimsy piece of engineering that required new paint within the decade...but today's example actually looks tempting.  Find this 1977 Cadillac Sedan DeVille offered for $5,000 in Billings, MT via craigslist.  Tip from Oldsmobuick.

Coffee Brake: FrankenCar

There is that special category of cars known as the FrankenCar. It is more than a simple engine swap or a fancy paint job, it is an unlikely pairing of engine, body and chassis for which the reader gets to decide if it's genius or folly.  A FrankenCar is a confluence of cacophony that can strike a chord or make you totally deaf.  This feature is meant to be a catalyst for discussion; First, find us some FrankenCars; Second, do we focus too much on the insane?  In the meantime, enjoy this Corbird (or Firevair?) -- it is a 1965 Corvair on a 1977 Firebird Chassis currently bidding for $5,000 in Los Angeles, CA via eBay.

2k: Inconspicuous Acceleration: 1988 Nissan Pulsar, SHO V6 swap

The worst part about custom cars is that those with the means aren't the ones who become the owners. Not that this 220-horsepower Pulsar (that is, without the 55-horsepower dry shot of nitrous) necessitates a blank check to Nissan or Pininfarina or some obscure coach-building machine shop. Any red-blooded Joe with a blue-collar paycheck could acquire, complete, and maintain this project with no problem. But a bottle-fed, Yamaha-engined, front-drive, open-bed compact with t-tops only has the formula for sheer absurdity. An open budget and an unchecked imagination would completely furnish it with the ostentation it deserves. Find this 1988 Nissan Pulsar with SHO V6 swap in Fort Wayne, IN for $2,300 ($2,000 sans nitrous) via craigslist.

10k: Small Bumper Convert: 1979 MG MGB V8

MGBs exuded a jaunty personality ever since their introduction (at the Earls Court motor show in September 1962, priced at £690 plus £259 tax), yet they were always lacking in some soup. They carried on with the same basic shape, design until '74 when the US DOT safety Nazis ruined a really good looking car. MG's solution was to fashion ugly chunks of black rubber that should have been a warning to all Hollywood starlets considering collagen/botox lip injections. There's been a run of MGBs with mod's on this site lately...but when someone takes the time to convert/revert a black bumpered '79 into a pre-'74 small bumper, chrome grille car, and presents it with quality pictures and a V8, it would be like poking his mom in the eye if we did not feature it.  Find this 1979 MG MGB V8 currently bidding for $8,600 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go on eBay, located in Adrian, MI.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

5k: Simple Pleasures: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V

The Sunbeam Alpine market has been riding on a wave of enthusiasm, probably initiated by the fantastically nutty Sunbeam Tiger -- as close as you can get to a real AC Cobra without selling your kidneys.   Just as any 67-67 Mustang Fastback is only minutes away from being turned into an Eleanor clone, the same goes for any Alpine: it can be turned into a Tiger clone at a moment's notice. Which is a shame, because the world doesn't need another copycat hot rod and you can have just as much fun in a 4-banger powered Alpine.  Today we found a nice looking example at a bargain price, this 1967 Sunbeam Alpine offered for $6,900 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

5k: Canted Angles Sell Cars: 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, VR4 swap

It's well known that angular shots add movement and excitement to the subject being photographed. Too many canted (or Dutch) angles on a horizontal subject like a car become like KFC's departed Double Down sandwich: too much of a good thing that just becomes nauseating. Perhaps this Eclipse's seller wants to convey the awesomeness of his ride, and angled shots are cheaper than staging exploding tanker trucks behind it. Or, it's to show that driving a twin-turbo V6 swapped all-wheel-drive Eclipse will forever alter the driver's orientation of reality. Either way, the effect is strangely hypnotic... maybe the technique works after all. Find this 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with VR4 swap in Tampa, FL for $5,500 via craigslist.

I mean, I literally can't stay awake because of how boring this picture is.

20k: Scottish Pride: 1980ish Talbot Sunbeam

The list of Scottish built cars is not particularly long, but during the 1980s Chrysler built cars at the former Rootes Group factory in Linwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland.  By cars, we mean the Chrysler Sunbeam (later badged the Talbot Sunbeam) which was an entirely forgettable hatchback, except for the Lotus-engined version which was a formidable rally machine.  Find this 1980ish Talbot Sunbeam GR2 rally car tribute offered for £12000 ($19,500 USD at time of printing) in Belgium via 

5k: In My Defens: 1985, 1991 & 1991 Land Rover Defender Diesel

Imagine for a minute that you are the proud descendants of Pictish people located on a shared island with descendants of Germanic tribes called the Angles.  As a Pict, you have been spending your time tending sheep, inventing the bicycle (and over-head valve engine) but mostly keeping to yourselves, while your extroverted neighbors to the south have basically been taking over the world for the past 1000 years.  Their English language has become the defacto world wide standard, their common law system is universal, they once created the worlds largest empire to-date that spanned the globe and encompassed 20% of the world's population in 1938, they precipitated the 18th century industrial revolution...and you've had enough.  Time to secede.  Unfortunately, you now have to create all sorts of necessary infrastructure like money (can't we just trade Sheep's stomachs like we did in the old days says my cousin Eanruig) and a military.  As luck would have it, another member of the ex-British empire is selling a few military vehicles which would make a great start to any nation's fledgling army.  Find a 1985, 1991 & 1991 Land Rover Defender Diesels offered for a starting bid of $3,000 (CAD) via the Goverment of Canada surplus website. Tip from Shawn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5k: Head Turner: 1972 Buick Electra 225

The Buick Electra was in its 4th generation in the early 1970s and shared a chassis with other GM rear-whee-drive full sized C-body cars, including the Cadillac DeVille and Oldsmobile 98.  However, Sir Mix-A-Lot never picked the DeVille or 98 to star in a music video, so the Electra reigns supreme.  Find this 1972 Buick Electra 225 offered for $5,000 in Visalia, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

Mid Week Match-Up: Another Daily For TinyFrogs?

It is Wednesday so that means another time for a Mid Week Match-Up (TM)!  DT reader TinyFrogs was the happy recipient of advice in a May 2014 episode of MWMU, but the car he picked up is now being daily driven by his wife.  Back to the drawing board.  Find something for under $4,500 for TinyFrogs to use a fun/reliable/daily driver. 

9k: This Is How We Do It: 1982 Toyota Starlet, 4AGE-powered

Update 9/16/14: The seller (Andres) sent us a note saying he found the write up and has dropped the price to $7,500, plus more pictures here.

Original post 9/7/14:  Every once in awhile, someone builds a car with such meticulous craftsmanship that you lose an afternoon in its build thread. Sometimes those cars are listed for sale. Sometimes they're posted by someone who knows how to operate a camera. And in even rarer circumstances, the listing includes the type of information necessary to inspire purchasing action. Nearly everything in this listing has been done the way it should be, and it's extremely refreshing. Find this 1982 Toyota Starlet with 4AGE power in Miami, FL for $8,990 via craigslist.

10k: Buffet Concerto: 1980 Citroën Dyane Faux Tanker

The bulk of this writer's experience with European car culture has been in eastern France, where draconian laws dictate that classic cars must be original and modification is almost banned.  It isn't as bad as Shanghai, where customizing a car is punishable with hard time in a Uyghur prison camp, but compared to the USA, the customizing scene is pretty tame.  Italy is more of mystery to me (having only spent time there as a tourist) but it seems that the laws must be based on Texas vehicle code and turning your 2CV in a faux tanker truck/buffet is just another weekend filled with welding fumes and cheap Chianti.  Find this 1980 Citroën Dyane Faux Tanker/Buffet offered for 7.200 € ($9,300 at time of printing) in Merano, Italy via Update, I originally called this piece of tanker-art a 2CV per the sellers suggestion, but Jalopnik Editor-in-Citroën Jason Torchinsky pointed out that this is a Dyane...and 2CVhoonage said it might have started as the panel van version of the Dyane, called the Arcadyane.

3k: Needs Mohr LS1: 1955 Fiat 1100 Trasformabile

 In 1955 Fiat released a convertible (Italian Trasformabile) version of their 1100 series compact family car.  Styling was done in house by Fiat's design director Fabio Luigi Rapi and coachwork was done by the in house special bodies division (Sezione Carrozzerie Speciali).  This was the first post-war small drop top from Fiat (it could be considered the grandpappy to the 850 Spider) and a limited 471 examples were built during the first year of production.  Why is this important?  Because you don't need to be Wayne Carini to understand the supply/demand aspect of classic car collecting and you won't need his deep pockets for today's rare pile of parts.  Find this 1955 Fiat 1100 Trasformabile offered for $3,000 in Oakland, CA via craigslist.